Interview with Tim Schmidt from USCCA – Episode #042

In this week’s episode I interviewed Tim Schmidt Publisher and Editor of U.S. Concealed Carry – The Ultimate Resource for the Armed Citizen. I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I enjoyed doing the interview. Tim is a very nice guy and the interview went very well.

I have now turned the comments on in this episode as a test just to see how it works. If I start to get too much spam I will be forced to turn them back off. But if you would like to leave a comment about this episode please feel free to.

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4 thoughts on “Interview with Tim Schmidt from USCCA – Episode #042

  1. Hi I am not a member of the NRA as of yet. I do believe in the seconed amendment and I do have a ccw and I do carry a coceled wepon. I practice for self improvment and safety. I am a member (a new member) of USCCA and I very much enjoy the information that I receive from Tim Schmidt, USCCA and CCM. What can be coming a member of NRA do for me? (Exactly)

    Howard N. Scott

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