Donations Thank You – Episode #039

This is not a very well planned out episode. But I wanted to make sure that I was producing one for this week so I can thank you the listener for your donations and support. It is getting harder and harder to keep up with all the emails but don’t stop sending them. I am now spending some times an hour a day just reply to them but all that does is motivate me even more.Please keep me up to date in any activities you undertake in your community. I would like to share those with the fellow listeners of the podcast. Remember I am always looking for additional interviews for the show so if you are doing something interesting or you know someone else who is please contact me to setup an interview.

Remember to claim one of the items that were donated by the at NRA please sign up 5 more members with the link on the web site and then send me your mailing address and I will mail out something to you.



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