A Place To Shoot – Episode #038

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From the South Bend Tribune Online Edition


Let me ask a question. Would you put a sign on your house that said, “This is a gun-free zone”? Of course you would not. But that is what we have done with our schools and universities.

Why do you think criminals choose to use our children as target practice? Because these gun-free zones are safe environments for the criminals. No criminal wants to be shot before he commits his outrageous deed. So he chooses the areas that are most safe for him. You don’t see mass shootings in police stations or gun shops.

We have to face it: We’re never going to stop the criminal element before the fact. It is all of our jobs to protect ourselves to the best of our ability. By allowing government to create these killing zones it is taking away your personal responsibility to protect yourself and your loved ones. You do not have to be a person who wants to own or carry a gun but because there are some of us out there who do you gain some extra security just because the criminal has no idea who may be there to stop them.

Mark Vanderberg
South Bend

Gun Rights Policy Conference 2007


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