Birthday Gifts – Episode #037

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Hole in Illinois gun law way bigger than Bubba

15 minutes and counting

1 Killed, 2 Injured After Chicago Bank Robbery

New Podcast: Rifle Factor Podcast

New Web Site:


To claim one of the birthday gifts sign up five or more to the NRA using the link above and then send me a e-mail with your shipping address to receive a gift. If you would like to receive one of the t-shirts please specify L or XL as the size. If you would like to donate to help pay for the shipping of these items you can send a paypal donation to


This is an e-mail I received the day after posting Wednesdays podcast. When I first read the subject of the email I thought to myself, all right you did it now people are unsubscribing.

Nice job Leith, you really caught my attention with your subject line. Im just glad you did not send this on my birthday or you probably would have ruined my entire day by the subject line.

Subject: I have to stop listening to your show…

After listening to the NRA membership podcast I’ve been thinking that I may
have to stop listening to your show…

I just converted to an NRA life Membership
I purchased a membership for my Son (almost 5) at the same time.
Asked my Wife and I’m purchasing a membership for her after writing this.
I may even purchase a membership for my dog – Dax.
I enrolled, qualified, tested, and turn in my paperwork for a CFP (CCW)
license on Friday.

I think most of this is because I’m listening to your podcast – Keep up the
good work, you are motivating us!!

P.S. I really don’t intend to stop listening 🙂