Involuntarily Disarmed – Episode #033

The idea for this podcast was suggested by Mark of Poland, Maine. Again this is not a normally scheduled podcast but I received some new equipment (headphone amplifier to better monitor sound quality) in the mail today that I am using for the podcast and started doing some tests with it and it sounded so good I decided to use it as a podcast.

Here is an update on how we are doing on donations for the digital voice recorder to be used for interviews on location. As of April 24, 2007 we have $96.00 donated for the portable digital recorder. We have a another $65.00 available from the google ads from the website. But we will not receive a check for those in ads until the account reaches $100. You may have noticed that the Brady Campaign is advertising on google, so some of the ads are showing up on the Gun Rights Advocates website. If you look to your left you may see an ad that says “Enough is Enough”. Please feel free to click on that ad so the Brady Campaign can help pay for our new portable digital recorder to activate more pro-gun advocates.

Would you be interested in a CD/DVD of all the podcast files to date along worth any PDF or associated files for future reference? For a donation of $20.00 or more I will make a custom CD/DVD for you. If there is enough interest I will be re-mastering the first episodes of the podcast to bring the quality up and put them in a more standard format.

Thanks to Mark for helping the podcast out by purchasing items from U.S. Concealed Carry – The Ultimate Resource for the Armed Citizen

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