Ban Gun Free Zones – Episode #032

April 23, 2007 is the first year anniversary of me doing this Podcast. I feel the Podcast has gotten better each and every month, and I would like to thank you all again for listening. This episode of the Podcast is about the Virginia shootings. I would just like to warn you ahead of time that this episode is more than an hour long and preacher Mark came out in me in this episode. So I will do my best in the next episodes to make sure not to preach too much.

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Michael & Me (2005) By Larry Elder

Ron Paul: More Guns Will Deter Shootings

Rosie: I’ve Given Up Hope for Gun Control

Reid Warns Against Rush on Gun Control

CNN First to Pursue Gun Control Angle With Virginia Tech Murders

Blacksburg And The Brady Campaign

Jumping the Gun

Video: MSNBC already cashing in on massacre, pimps new gun control special

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Gun Rights Policy Conference 2007


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