God, Guns, & NRA – Episode #025

Patrick Norton & Robert Heron for DL.TV

The Bible Study -Friday Dec. 15, 2006
KFUO Hos: Chuck Rathert
Passter: Warren Woerth

The Bible And Guns
by Pastor Matt Trewhella

The Bible and Gun
Bible Baptist Church, Port Orchard, Washington


One thought on “God, Guns, & NRA – Episode #025

  1. Mr. Vanderberg,

    I wanted to write you and let you know that I truly enjoy your podcast. I find it informative and for the most part entertaining. I also did not know that JFK was an NRA member until you explained why you had him in your intro (which, by the way, I like quite a bit).

    I am 21 years old, do not own any firearms, and am not currently a member of any gun rights groups such as the NRA. I have written a pro-RKBA article shortly after VA tech that was published in my schools newspaper. It was this readers response to a very biased and terrible piece of journalism basically calling for the reasonable solution of banning most or all weapons in the wake of VA Tech. So that is my claim to fame, and I also try to do my part in discussing with friends and family why I have come to the position I have found myself in (it is quite odd for my anti-gun father to debate with his pro-second amendment son). Im from California, so the battle is definitely uphill.

    I particularly enjoyed listening to one of the back podcasts about God, Guns & the NRA. I am a Christian and understand that the Bible never anywhere says for its followers to disarm. The Bible refers to the LORD as a warrior in Exodus 15:3, and many godly people such as David in the Old Testament praised God his Rock, who prepares his hands for war, and his fingers for battle (Psalm 144). God also seems to be fond of referring to this life as warfare, frequently using warlike imagery, and calls his own Word a sword for spiritual battle (Ephesians 6:17). Jesus told his own followers in Luke 22:38 to sell all they had in order to purchase a weapon if they didnt have a sword for the coming days. Jesus told Peter to put the sword in its place and rebuked Peter’s vigilantism to fight off Jesus arrestors, but not to get rid of the weapon all together. One of the things that bothers me the most when I run into so-called pacifists is when they try to tell me that Jesus taught pacificism. The Sermon on the Mount teaches the idea in Matthew 5:38-42 of non-retaliation or revenge and is not a repudiation of self-defense. I doubt if the situation really got bad that these so-called pacifists wouldnt fight to protect their child, spouse or own life if threatened. Trusting God does not negate the responsibility to work for food or to put proper locks on your doors or take the responsible measures to prevent harm to life (see Matthew 6:25-34 and 2 Thessalonians 3:10). In fact Jesus equated this to testing God. When Jesus was tempted he could have thrown himself off a cliff, knowing that Gods angels would have saved him, but he didnt do that (Matthew 4:5-7). Believing that God will keep you safe or provided for doesnt mean you neglect to take your own responsibility. It just means do what youre doing and need to do, but dont worry about the outcome, thus affecting negatively how you act in the present (See Matthew 6:34 again).

    Nowhere in the entire Bible is the sword demonized or considered evil in and of itself. The Bible even specifically states that the authorities are given the sword to fulfill Gods purposes; i.e. the sword can be used for good as well as evil (Romans 13:4). Most importantly the believer is never commanded to be disarmed; it is legalism to try to assert anything else in the name of Gods Word. God always deals with the heart of a person; it didnt matter if Cain murdered Abel with a rock, a stick, a knife, a sword, or his bare hands. God punished Cain; he didnt put a ban in effect to reduce the availability of weapons in the hopes of preventing future murders (Genesis 4). Further focusing on the criminal and not the implements used, God put into effect the death penalty to justly punish murderers in Genesis 9:6. You are definitely correct when you said that the proper translation of the 6th Commandment in Exodus 20:13 is You shall not murder. Something was lost in the translation from Hebrew to English when someone rendered it as “kill” in the King James Version, and more recent translations have fixed that error. The advancement of technology from sticks and knives to modern day projectile-launching devices, does not change the principle in Exodus 22:2-3 that under certain circumstances killing a person is justifiable.

    Anyways those were my religious thoughts after listening to your podcast. It is such a peaceful feeling to know that God has given me the heart of a warrior and that I am perfectly okay just the way He made me. Perhaps I wrote this to organize my own thoughts, but I thought you would appreciate the wealth of information the Bible has on all matters including self-defense. I want to applaud you for being brave enough to approach the subject from that perspective, without trying to convert your diverse group of listeners who gather together in the name of Gun Rights. I always appreciate your calm, collected demeanor and common sense approach to a highly charged and political issue. One thing remains, however, and I know you encourage your listeners to take you to task on things. Sometimes you get caught up in the housekeeping of your podcast and spend a lot of time trying to explain decisions you make. Sometimes it goes about 9 minutes into the podcast before you play the clip you are trying to justify in the previous 8 minutes. Also a lot of time is spent debating the format of the show or how audio clips are broken up, etc. Just do what you want to do, make that decision, and stick with it. If we like it, then great! If not, we will let you know. Other than that, I really appreciate the show. Keep up the good work in doing your part to fight for our rights. Because of your show, Im thinking of sending some of my hard earned college kid dollars to the NRA but am wondering if that is odd since I dont even own a firearm. Thanks again for all you do and keep speaking your mind. This world if filled with too much political correctness and all too often people mask their real beliefs. I appreciate you wearing your heart on your sleeve and speaking the truth with gentleness and respect.

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