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God, Guns, & NRA – Episode #025

Patrick Norton & Robert Heron for DL.TV

The Bible Study -Friday Dec. 15, 2006
KFUO Hos: Chuck Rathert
Passter: Warren Woerth

The Bible And Guns
by Pastor Matt Trewhella

The Bible and Gun
Bible Baptist Church, Port Orchard, Washington


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Sorry but server was down for a couple hours, January 13. Right after latest Podcast was uploaded. If that ever happens again. Please try back later and e-mail me to let me know there’s a problem.

If you also enjoy technology Podcast’s. If you listen to show #104 from the Mike Tech Show you will hear a familiar voice. I sent Mike an audio comment that he used in the show.


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Interview with Kenn Blanchard – Episode #024

If you enjoy this podcast please vote for us over at Podcast Alley and leave comments over at iTunes.Mr. Blanchard is a

  • Former US Marine & Federal Law Enforcement
  • Firearms Instructor
  • Professional Speaker
  • Associate Minister
  • Artist
  • Author of “Black Man With A Gun: A Responsible Gun Ownership Manual For African-Americans”.

Book an autographed copy of this book from this link.

You can also purchase a copy from

Law Enforcement Alliance of America
Directors Spotlight: Kenn Blanchard

In The Wilderness Ministries

Blacks Allegedly Victimized By ‘Racist’ Gun Control Laws

Defender of the Month: August 1997

Blanchard Studios



Thank God I Had A Gun – Episode #023

Conservative Pundit Freedom Podcast Episode 19 with Dan White

Mike Stollenwerk & John Pierce from

Liberty Watch Radio Network with Charles Heller

“Thank God I Had A Gun” &
“The Concealed Handgun Manual” By Chris Bird