2006 Election Impact – Episode #020

Impact Of The 2006 Election On Gun Rights from Gun Owners of AmericaArms-Bearing Can Bear the Defeat by Dave Kopel

iVoices: The Independence Institute

Watch out for gun rights By John Sinz

NRA Spent Millions on Losing Efforts in the 2006 Election

Don’t take your guns to town By Dan Carpenter

Mayors against Illegal Guns

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Podcasting HOW TO – Episode #019

Podcasting Podcast’s:

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1and1.com – Web host your WordPress Blog Site (for show notes)

Libsyn.com – MP3 host


WordPress.org – Free Blog Software

Podpress – Free Plug-in for WordPress

Wave Lab Lite – came with Creative Pro E-MU 1212M sound card

Audacity – Free open source software for recording and editing sounds

The Levelator – enhance your podcast sound

Hardware that I use:

Creative Pro E-MU 1212M – Sound Card

Behringer Eurorack UB1202 – Mixer

Samson Q4 – Dynamic Mic (this is the mic I used for this podcast)

MXL V63M – Condenser Mic

Musician’s Friend – music store, great place to purchase microphones and mixers, along with accessories

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Other Podcasting resources:

10 tips for great sounding podcasts![/nice_links]

Create Podcasts Using Your PC

Podcasting for free Podcasting legal guide

Podcast safe music:




Below is a list of Podcast’s that could be started. If you have any others. E-mail me and I’ll add them to list.
  • Hunting news podcast
  • Shooting sports news podcast
  • Legislative updates podcast
  • Summary of NRA news podcast
  • License to carry podcast
  • Pro-gun politician, profile podcast
  • Pro-gun book review podcast
  • History of the Second Amendment podcast
  • Gunsmithing podcast