New Orleans Gun Confiscation Video


As I talked about in the past episode of the Gun Rights Advocates Podcast. The NRA was working on a video about the gun confiscations that were conducted in New Orleans after hurricane Katrina.

I just received an e-mail stating that the video is now available. They have set up a special web site for this video. I would suggest that every gun owner purchase a copy of this video to show to friends and family and to other fellow gun owners.

This is a very powerful video that shows that gun confiscation can happen in the United States. This is something that every freedom loving American needs to be aware of.

Just remember, if the gun haters of our country win in the election this November this could become common.

Just remember, It’s not about guns, It’s about freedom.

Here’s a link to the web site. It also has some clips of the video available on the web site.

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