Targeting A Gun Problem – Episode #016

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Gun rights


The Tribune’s Sept. 8 editorial stated, “We support the Second Amendment.”

If the board truly supported the Second Amendment, it would not be calling for limiting the number of new guns that can be manufactured, imported and sold. You cannot be a supporter of the Second Amendment, and also call for restrictions on that right.

The truth of the matter is that criminals are the problem. Not guns. But it’s much easier to blame an object that has no free will and cannot shoot on its own. The slogan that is seen on many bumper stickers, “People Kill People, not guns,” is so simple, but also very true.

The approach The Tribune is advocating reminds me of a cartoon I saw years ago, where a police officer found an armed burglar breaking into a house so the officer handcuffed the handgun and said, “Come on, you, you’re going to jail.”

The Tribune should be advocating mandatory life sentences for any criminal convicted of using a gun in the commission of a felony. And stop allowing these judges to release these violent offenders back on the streets.

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Mark Vanderberg lives in South Bend.


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