NRA-ILA Mix N’ Mingle – Episode #014

This is a special episode of the Gun Rights Advocates Podcast. In this episode, I talk a little bit about the NRA ILA Mix N Mingle workshop I attended on Saturday. also in this episode, you have an opportunity to win a variety of different prizes. Listen to the entire podcast to find out how you can win.

Katrina and Ryan NRA ILA grassroots coordinators did an excellent job with the presentation at the Mix N Mingle. Thank you for everything, you guys do.

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How can you win a prizes:

  • Order your NRA-ILA yard sign and photograph it in your yard, along with a pro-gun candidates campaign sign.
  • Photograph the bumper of your vehicle with a pro-gun candidates bumper sticker on it. Along with NRA bumper sticker.

Prizes available on first-come first-served basis:

NRA-ILA T-shirts (extra-large and 2X extra-large).
NRA-ILA baseball hats (two designs available).
NRA-ILA tire pressure gauges.
NRA-ILA combination whistle, thermometer, signal light & compass.


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Interview with Glen Caroline, NRA-ILA Grassroots Div.- Episode #013

To get some more information on the election volunteer coordinator program (EVC) and the NRA-ILA grassroots workshops. I interviewed, the director of the grassroots division at the NRA-ILA for this episode.

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Organizing with Tech- Episode #012



Opera 9


Yahoo Mail



Start Page:

Word Processor:

Web Hosting, Domains & Mail:


Web Sites I have on

Granger Guns

Len’s Gun Shop



Sirius Satellite Radio


Video on YouTube:

Taurus Firearms Tradeshow 2006

Firearms Confiscation

Taurus Firearms PT 24/7 PRO Pistol

Citizens Handcuffed, Forced To Give Up Firearms

Ruger-The Art Of Revolver



NRA speaks out against UN on Global Gun Ban

CNN investigates the UN Global Gun Ban

A Question of Balance

Wayne LaPierre at CPAC 2006

Ted Nugent-Kiss My Glock


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