NRA News Needs A Podcast

I think that Cam Edwards does an excellent job on NRA News. I’m able to listen to the show on my [tag]Sirius[/tag] satellite radio or on the Internet @ The one place I would really like to listen to the show I cannot because they do not have a podcast so I have know way of listening to the show on my MP3 player.

I think if there is enough listeners out there that would like to see the show transfer to a podcast, I think they will do it. If you’re interested in listening to the NRA News with Cam Edwards on an MP3 player. Please e-mail him and let him know.

You can e-mail Cam Edwards at

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Election Volunteer Coordinator (EVC) – Episode #011


  • 8 Employees Stabbed at Tenn. Grocery Store

  • Former Georgia congressman sues NYC mayor on behalf of [tag] gun dealer [/tag]

Map to find your [tag] Election Volunteer Coordinator [/tag] (EVC)

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[tag] Grassroots Election Workshops [/tag]
[tag] NRA-ILA Grassroots Division [/tag] (800) 392-VOTE (8683)

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Interview with Jim Tomes from 2nd Amendment Patriots – Episode #010

In this episode I interview Jim Tomes from the 2nd Amendment Patriots of Indiana. His group is the one that is responsible for getting lifetime handgun licenses in the State of Indiana. Indiana is now the first and only state that has a lifetime license to carry a handgun. Jim shares his secrets of how to be effective grassroots group with limited members and funds.

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[tag] Lifetime Carry in Indiana [/tag]!!!!

A Few Doing A Lot In Indiana by Jim Tomes

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Jim Tomes

Margie Tomes, [tag] Governor Mitch Daniels [/tag], Sen. Johnny Nugent, [tag] Rep. Troy Woodruff [/tag], Jim Tomes

This interview is made possible because of Skype (voice over Internet program), PrettyMay (program to records Skype calls) & US Robotics USB phone.


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Indiana Handgun License – Episode #009

In this episode, I discuss the procedure I had to go through to renew my Indiana handgun license (Indiana Code: 35-47-2). Indiana has one of the oldest laws that issue licenses to its citizens for the carrying of handguns concealed or not. 1 in 15 Indiana residents, has a license to carry a handgun, which must be 26 inches or shorter in overall length.Indiana Application for Handgun License (PDF Format)
Cite as Kellogg v. City of Gary
Indiana House Bill 1176 Effective July 1, 2006
New Lifetime Handgun License

UPDATE: I received an e-mail from a member (Ron) of the 2nd Amendment Patriots who said his group was involved in writing HB 1176. The group is very thankful to Rep Troy Woodruff and Sen Johnny Nugents in their efforts to get this bill passed.

I personally would like to thank all members of the 2nd Amendment Patriots for the great grassroots efforts they have made. And they should be a model to how effective a grassroot movement can be.

I would also like to thank Rep Troy Woodruff and Sen Johnny Nugents along with Governor Mitch Daniels for signing it into law.

.The HB 1176 Signing

The HB 1176 Signing
Bottom row: Debra Weddle and family
2nd row: standing: Lt. Gov. Becky Skillman; Tom Holbrook; Margie Tomes; Gov. Mitch Daniels; Sen. Johnny Nugent; Rep. Troy Woodruff; Tom Menner; Stacy Smith.
3rd row: Ray Laughbaum, Larry White; Billie White, Thomas Weddle (behind Gov. Daniels); Jim Tomes; Coni Thorpe; Tom Smith; Judy Smith.
Back row: Tom Connor; Nick Tomes; Jason Thorpe.

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